Heating and Cooling System

1515 Surf features Zero carbon*, next-generation living – our modern community is 100% electric so you can feel good about where you live, and how you live.



1515 Surf is fully electric and incorporates a state-of-the-art system comprised of 153 geothermal wells drilled 499 feet below the building

The system circulates water through these wells and the building, absorbing heat in the summer and depositing it into the ground to cool the community on hot days

In the winter, the system absorbs heat from the ground and circulates the water through the building – heating it

The ground remains at a constant temperature all year round and provides an efficient means to transfer heat in and out of the building depending on the season

1515 Surf reduces carbon emissions by over 60% relative to a conventional building

Our community will not emit any carbon since we’ve eliminated boilers and other fossil-fuel burning equipment

The building is planned to achieve Fitwel certification